This is Councl.

Councl focuses on strengthening the brand and the identity of lifestyle companies. Services range from building brand identity and design profile to marketing, sales and distribution strategies. We look at the specific requirements of each company and tailor solutions to enable relevance in a progressive market. We build brands, not companies.

Gul & Blå

The story of Gul & Blå is quite unique in Swedish fashion history. The label totally dominated the young fashion scene in the 70s and 80s. It is difficult today to grasp just how significant Gul & Blå was to the new, Swedish, pop culture. Councl works on creating a progressive take on Gul & Blå and re-establish the relevance of the brand for the current market needs.

Zound Industries

Zound Industries is a headphone fashion house in which several brands, licensing ventures, private-label manufacturing and retail concepts reside. Councl provides strategies to market, promote and distribute Zound Industries brands Urbanears, Coloud, Molami and Marshall Headphones in Japan.


Sunpocket is a contemporary accessories brand rooted in ski and surf culture. Its story traces back to the late 1970’s where Sunpocket’s signature foldable shades gained a strong following in the French ski community. In 2011 Sunpocket was re-launched. Councl is introducing Sunpocket Originals to the Japanese market.


Boomerang is a Scandinavian brand of premium quality casual clothes started in 1976. Clothes that to this day still form the basis of the Boomerang range and style that we call Scandinavian Preppy. Councl is consulting on the establishment of Boomerang in Japan. Translating the texture and feel of the brand to the East.
Zound Industries
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Sun Pocket